Cookies Files

Information about the cookies used

Cookies are small text files sent by the WWW server and saved on the User’s computer (or other device used by the User). The Website uses cookies to detect the User’s personal preferences.
In other words, the cookies used by the Website allow it to detect the User’s computer during the next visit and serve only to facilitate the use of the Website.

The Website uses and enables the use of cookies by third parties (Google AdWords, Google Analytics) for statistical and advertising purposes.

The User decides whether he/she wants cookies to be saved on his/her computer. The User can deactivate or completely disable cookies in the web browser’s options or by using the appropriate option in the firewall software. The User can also remove previously saved cookies.

The User can block the Analytics service for displayed ads as well as adapt the ads in the Google Ads Network via Ads Preferences Manager.

However, disabling cookies may hinder the use of our website.